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Our Core Values

Each member of Exchange holds near to their heart three core values - Family, Community and Country.

Commitment to Family is interpreted not only as one's own family needs, but also those of all American families. Strengthening families, with a focus on youth, is addressed in many ways through Exchange's Programs of Service.

Commitment to the Community where an Exchangite resides is the focal point for each club's efforts. Exchange is unique as a service organization in that it has the flexibility to structure projects that target the needs of a particular geographic location, rather than being restricted to a certain cause.

Commitment to Country was born in the aftermath of World War II, a time of unquenchable patriotism. Exchangites are proud to join veterans and other civic groups in promoting Americanism as the rich blessing of democracy and freedom, and in educating today's youth to cherish its values.

These three values are translated into actions every day to bring about positive results through the work of hundreds of clubs and tens of thousands of dedicated Exchange Club members every day.

National Exchange Club

The National Exchange Club (NEC) has a rich 100+ year history. The NEC oversees our programs of service centered on Youth, Americanism and Community Service, and our national project, the Prevention of Child Abuse. Exchange is recognized as America's Premier Service Club. Please review the enclosed Join Exchange brochure to learn more about our history and values, then pass it along to a friend.

National Exchange Club Foundation

Our National Exchange Club Foundation's (NECF ) goal is to secure funding that is needed to support our programs and our national project. Thanks to me generosity of our members, and ochers, it is possible to meet our goals and make a difference in the Jives of America's families.